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We are The Browns... from Newmarket, Ontario Canada.

On July 1, 2016 (not a co-incidence that is was Canada Day), we launched Passive Wear which is a brand of quality, casual clothing.  Thankfully, you the customer, thought it was good.

During 2016, we took our show on the road to various markets and online. 

In 2017, we had a more permanent weekend set up. 

From 2018 - April 2020, we had the absolute pleasure of having a shop on Main Street Newmarket which was a delight.  We were able to test items, and fine tune colour offerings, fabric offerings, assortment and further build out the Passive Wear brand.  And the people we met during that time were treasures! 

We have recently moved back to the online format as our main method of sales.  These are different times and we will evolve with them for sure!

We look forward to the future, are so pleased that you value our products and look forward to providing you some of the best comfy clothing you will ever posess.

Stay Well & stay comfortable.