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Spring Cleaning brings... what does it bring?

We are firmly in the middle of the Spring Season and have had plenty of time to clean, sort, think, plan and bake!

At Passive Wear we are doing all of those things and are pretty optimistic about the fact that we seem to be taking our responsibility of physical space, hand washing and staying at home pretty seriously.  

As a business, we will be focusing online vs. a physical store.  We want to offer you the same great everything from the safe distance of your computer. 

We have heard and read some pretty funny stuff about button pants.  We don't offer them - just warm, soft, snuggly clothes that suit the work from home and shelter in place lifestyle oh so well! 

Wishing you much good and all things properous!

Love Ya,

Passive Wear - stay comfortable.

As the late, super great Robin Williams says... (just party taking into account the current rules on partying!)

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