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All the best in 2021 for you and your families.  This year staying comfortable is universally valued and treasured and we have reviewed and adjusted pricing to be even more affordable.  We are still super comfy, local and proudly Canadian Made from stem to stern.
Stay Safe and stay comfortable.


Welcome to Passive Wear quality, casual clothing.

We are proud Canadians bringing you a collection of comfortable, Canadian-made clothing at fair prices.

Our motto is "stay comfortable" and we take it very seriously.

We offer well made, casual clothing that demands little from you and offers much to you. 

Soft, warm, timeless.

Passive Wear items are very well made and will be in your collection for years - they will easily be your favourites. 

  • French Terry is the best fabric and is celebrated in our Superfly crewneck, shorts collection and our Superfly sweatpants.  It performs well and is like a hug - remember hugs?
  • 20 oz 100% cotton fleece is what our favourite hoody is made of.  Warm and breathable - you'll just feel awesome in it during any season.  If there is a construction or outdoor grade of fleece, this would be it.
  • Tom Foolery casual bottoms are Canadian X Cool.  Designed by a young Canadian who knows what's hot and what's not and manufactured by the same garment maker that does work for OVO and other major design brands.

Is it time to treat yourself?  Of course it is - head to the order up tab and, well, order up!


Passive Wear - stay comfortable.