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Welcome to Passive Wear quality, casual clothing and a Hui Hou coffee house.

We are proud Canadians bringing you a unique collection of Canadian items.

Our motto is "stay comfortable" and we take it very seriously.

We offer well made, casual clothing that demands little from you and offers much to you. 

Soft, warm, timeless.

Passive Wear items are very well made and will be in your collection for years - they will easily be your favourites.

a Hui Hou is a Hawaiian term that is used among friends and translates into ...until we meet again... for those lucky enough to ever spend time in Hawaii you will agree that there is an admirable vibe there firmly based on a love of Mother Nature and a respect for others and the land. 

At a Hui Hou coffee house we aim to capture that same respect and link it to the Passive Wear motto "stay comfortable."  A good combination we feel. 

Therefore, at a Hui Hou coffee house there is a casual, comfortable atmosphere geared towards spending time with people and connecting.

Passive Wear - stay comfortable.

a Hui Hou - until we meet again...